Life goes by in a blur. This only becomes more true once you get pregnant and have a baby. 

Maternity photos serve as a time for you to hit pause on this moment of your life. This experience serves as a way for you to reflect on your journey so far and look ahead to the adventure that awaits.

I want to help you feel all the emotions during this magical time in your life. 
Portraits can be taken at my studio or outdoors. I have a collection of over 30 gowns and outfits for you to borrow for your session. You can wear up to three outfits for your one hour session. You may not always feel gorgeous while pregnant - I hope to change that perspective and make you feel like a goddess!

Celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. 

This is a time to celebrate you and your beautiful body and bond with baby. 

The maternity experience



ONE HOUR maternity SESSION with all that is included

Deluxe Newborn Session
2.5 hours of studio time and 20 digital images

From Bump to Baby

maternity & newborn package


Whats included...

one hour session outdoors or at studio

Access to my client closet of gowns and outfits

Work with you on vision and location

up to 40 digital images

celebrate motherhood!

maternity session


We had Katie photograph our maternity and newborn photos with our baby boy once he arrived. The locations chosen and the photos we received back were amazing! I also loved that she had dresses I could use for my maternity shoot, which made it ALOT easier the day of!

Happy Client

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