Engagement Session in Maryland: Casey and Bryan

engagement session

Bryan surprised Casey with an engagement while on a hike. So, an engagement session out in nature was a must for them! Lake Hashawha in Westminster, Maryland was the perfect spot for this MD couple!

Engagement sessions are a fabulous way for wedding couples to connect with me, the photographer, prior to the wedding day. For this reason, I always include an one with every wedding package!

We spent a hour walking around the park, stopping at several beautiful spots to capture special moments.

I love how laid back and fun engagement sessions are. They are truly like a date night for you and your fiance! We had the perfect evening to stroll around the grounds of the environmental center. They have a brand new puppy (and an older dog sibling) they left behind with a parent, so they were “free” for the night! We stopped at multiple beautiful spots to capture special moments for their engagement portraits.

lancaster pa wedding photographer

While we explored the beautiful area we talked all about their wedding plans. They are planning a fall wedding at the beautiful Springfield Manor near Frederick, MD.

Twirling photos were one of Casey’s request, so we had a lot of fun playing with her twirly dress!

For such a beautiful evening, we were in shock that we only ran into two or three other people. We had most of the place to ourselves, which made it much more romantic.

The night ended with the most perfect sunset over the lake. I will never say no to sun flare or golden hour! They are always so soft and romantic. We played around with the light and had some fun with piggy back rides. I love capturing those true authentic smiles that show off couple’s personalities.

I’m so excited for their wedding! The countdown to October 23 is on!

engagement session with lancaster pa photographer
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